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About NagasakaCoin

Nagasaka Coin is an established and well respected coin dealership that has been in business in Okazaki-City Japan for over 44 years. The owner, Mr. Kenji Nagasaka, is a third-generation coin dealer with professional membership in the ANA (American Numismatic Association) and the JNDA (Japan Numismatic Dealer's Association). Mr. Nagasaka speaks fluent English and welcomes inquiries from residents of the United States, England, and other English-speaking locations concerning numismatics and related collectibles. Please allow Mr. Nagasaka to be your friendly connection to the Japanese Coin market

We do not sell, trade, or share any of your information.
Your purchases and information you share with us about your collection are kept completely confidential.
Shipments are discreetly packaged and labelled to ensure your privacy and security.

2-20-2 Cibico Shopping Mole 3rd floor
Kousei Douri Nishi
Okazaki-City, Aichi-prefucture, Japan 4440059
NagasakaCoin JNDA&ANA
TEL 81-564-23-3815